• I own the artwork. You are not allowed to resell my artwork or use it in any way commercially unless we agreed otherwise. If you want a commercial commission please let me know so when you contact me. Commercial use price is 750€.
  • Secondary character is +70% on the original price.
  • You are allowed to print the artwork for your own use like hang it on your wall, use it as a profile pic etc.
  • If the commission has a lot of details or complexity, the price may vary.
  • I am allowed to use the artwork on my portfolio, social media, sell prints etc, unless agreed otherwise from the start.
  • I take full upfront pay only via Paypal and I put you on my commission list.
  • I allow minor changes, like small details or colors, for example different shade eye color if I didn’t draw it like you wanted me to.
  • I usually finish my commissions within 2-6 weeks. If the commission list is full I might take longer. If its an urgent commission please let me know, maybe we can arrange something.
  • I do NSFW commissions as well. Not hardcore but nudity and sexual themes are okay with me.
  • I reserve the right to decline a commission request.
  • You can contact me on:

Discord: Minaxie#2678 

Instagram: Minaxieart